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The Great Georgette: A Tale of the Glamorous Fabric!

by saraaha the fabric house 21 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Fashion is important in our lives because it has the power to change and shape people's lives for the better. With time, the fashion industry has evolved, giving birth to many fabrics, styles, and techniques. The fabric industry has ruled the fashion industry for centuries, with many unique pieces of fabric finding their way into our wardrobes. One such glamorous fabric is ‘Georgette’, which has taken the fashion industry by storm, and can be traced back to the beautiful land of France. Georgette is named after Madame Georgette de la Plante, who was a late 19th-century fashion designer. This piece of fabric has undoubtedly altered the fashion industry for the better. A simple fabric with such elegant poise has found its way into our wardrobes. Georgette is a lightweight crepe fabric that is made from either silk or polyester. The most often used textile for printing, georgette is sturdy, tear-proof, and incorporates a dull, rough texture that can be easily dyed in any colour and is easy to print. The fabric has a little rough texture due to the tightly twisted threads used in its weaving.

What makes Georgette unique?

This glamorous fabric instils unique properties giving it a beautiful look which are:

  • Georgette is a lightweight and airy fabric, which gives it an edge to be worn throughout the year.
  • The fabric has an elegant crepe-like surface, which gives Georgette a creased appearance.
  • Georgette is a fluid-like cloth, which makes it known for its sophisticated draping qualities.
  • High durability makes the fabric unique because it can be embroidered and embellished with a wide array of designs.
  • The fabric is very absorbent and carries the elegance of presenting different hues beautifully.

The fabric has a bumpy texture, which contrasts brilliantly with its flow.

Find class in different varieties!

This classic fabric is available in varieties such as:

  • Silk Georgette:This is a crease-resistant fabric and is highly absorbent. The fabric is made from silk yarns and is the most expensive fabric.

    • Embroidered Georgette: This beautiful fabric is adorned with beadwork or threads.

  • Satin Georgette Fabric: Satin is a heavier type of Georgette fabric that has a glossy and smooth texture and is made of silk.

    • Nylon Georgette: This fabric is made of nylon and is highly durable.

    • Jacquard Georgette: "Jacquard fabric" is a term used to describe a cloth with a pattern woven into it. Typically, a floral or geometric design is used.

    • Viscose Georgette: Viscose Georgette is a delicate, lightweight fabric produced from cellulose fibre and carries a silky sheen.

    • Polyester Georgette: This georgette is made from polyester fibre and has a smoother texture.

Different Styles

Georgette is a classy material that can be adorned in different styles in the form of stylish blouses, beautiful dresses, elegant Indian sarees, long, flowy gowns, and chic skirts.

The favourite fabric

This elegant fabric allows all fashionistas to experiment with their dressing styles. Georgette is an elegant fabric, carefully crafted to give a beautiful look. This fabric should find a place in everyone’s wardrobes!

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